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*NEW* Season 18! | Battle Pass | Zombs Royale.io

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be reviewing and reacting to the new Season 18 Battle Pass in Zombs Royale. Please subscribe and watch my other videos! I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. this chest wsa one of the best of all time like those octos and the wings lol

  2. This season is quite good in my opinion. agree?

  3. HELLO rando just wanna say your an amazing content creator and if your reading this have an amazing day

  4. Which is better, octo galaxy or octo flames?

  5. Nice Video! Really sorry enjoyed seeing all of this!

  6. Have a good day your bringing ppl happiness even if the new season isn’t 😂

  7. Remember to subscribe to yt insane plays arunav

  8. Btw your vids are awesomeness ransomnooby

  9. Not even lying I saw legendary Jun then I saw u and I was playing with my friends so we died within 10 seconds

  10. Hey ramdon it's me Vage 1v1 me when on yt?

  11. bro dont mean to hate but get a better mic or headset we can barely hear you.

  12. hey,I see you like his video, maybe you will like mine too

  13. What happens if i buy battle pass after im tier 100

  14. Bruh speek louder i have it on max volume shouted at my family to shut up and i cant even hear what ur saying also ur not very clear so just a tip

  15. Excellent battle pass review! I am enjoying the content. Keep posting these videos.

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