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  1. at the beginning of a round I dropped at a small house in tinker and got upgraded scar 10 seconds later I get disconnected

    I hate zombs

  2. Hey Baxtrix I’m a big fan, your one of my biggest idole,I created a YouTube Chanel, your vids make my day

  3. Im soooooooo happy that the Thor hammer is gone

  4. Do you know my user ahooman you have killed me and I have killed you many times

  5. Hey batrix a tridents is a spear, not a staff

  6. Nice, he finally has feelings and gives ppl stuff lol 😂

  7. The new gun is trash Thor’s Hammer is better

  8. Play with me plizzzz name makipro#7357 add me

  9. Little do most people know that radical reef is bugged and if u land on top of some buildings u go through them and go in side
    Like if I helped u

  10. First time i landed Radical, the first gun was an assault scar so took that as a sign… now i always land there

  11. Can u add me I have over 100 wins

  12. my mom said your voice is annoying sorry your my favorite

  13. If you go under the shells I’m radical reef you can’t be seen unless they are inside

  14. Greg,"I wish I could steal kills!", 5 SECONDS LATER, DOnT sTeAL MEh KIlLs"

  15. This guy sucks at this game man I have killed so may times Afriend is my username

  16. Greg i was just wondeeing if you could make a video about the afro pink skin it looks just like the blosom bushes and tgen you can blend in with the bushes

  17. Can some one play with me


    I only have 56 wins (23 solo, 10duos,23squad) with 2031 kills

  18. Where are you from since you mentioned Ohio

  19. I saw the same 2 guns and of corse I picked them up who would not

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