New *VALENTINES* Chest In Zombsroyale! -

New *VALENTINES* Chest In Zombsroyale!

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QUALITY CONTENT BACK? today i played zombsroyale superpowers where the imposter was sus and said if you didnt subscribe he’d come to your house ALSO JOIN MY COMMUNITY:


  1. Hello! I am a representative for the game Sploop-io. We have noticed that you play the game Zombsroyale-io, Which is like our brand new game mode called "Sploop-io Battle Royale!". The game mode uses Sploop-io's advance PVP building mechanics with fast moving zones for a fun yet intense gameplay experience! We are wondering if you would be willing to try out the new game mode and if you like it, Consider posting a video about it! Thanks in advance for reading this message and considering playing the game! P.S. As a growing youtuber we would also be glad to promote the video within the sploop-io community!

  2. I didn't buy it. I'm just not feeling the game amymore

  3. u should spend some gems to change the name on ur zr account lol

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