NightFall vs Peace ❘ Zombsroyale 4v4 Scrim -

NightFall vs Peace ❘ Zombsroyale 4v4 Scrim

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  1. Bro wtf you guys are still playing zr , lmao Lix Jessey, im Phantom , good memories.

  2. just being curious how do you join a competive zombs royale tournament

  3. wow im hearing suns voice for the first time its so squeaky

  4. Not to mention 0fly died top 40 in the 3rd game

  5. GG It was a fair 4v4 but bro i have to mention how trash is zf. look at zerofly in the first game, 0 mechanics cant even pump ar, Game 3 he decides to push u guys for no reason and he dies so we trioed, and at last game bro cant even win with vector + we told him to go bottom.

  6. i always thought nova was the worst in peace but now zerofly will take his place.

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