No way they actually updated this game? -

No way they actually updated this game?

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  1. I am so happy that my favourite YouTuber, THE LegendaryJun has uploaded and is returning to zombs royale!!!

  2. also sorry about all the comments llama if for the 4th aniversary and the golden skin is also part of collect cupcakes break pinates aka llamas talm to giant dude

  3. Literally a trash update tbh they only did one location and its too little too late we already lost a lot of the community

  4. There little cakes your supposed to collect them and u get stuff like those wings and melee its for the anniversary u can look in challenges to see

  5. Jun it’s zombsroyale’s fourth anniversary so we got free item shop skins which you just missed, but in the challenge menu there is challenges to get you a gold skin combo, and those circle things and llamas are what you pick up or break to complete each challenge.

  6. could you upload minecraft videos if you have it? I like your zr vids, but i want to see u play other stuff

  7. I just thought of a great video idea! ik it will sound kinda impossible but no spin challenge? You can spin but very slowly… (sorry if you have already did that i couldnt find the video)

  8. Can you plz bring back zr content? back in the days when yo didnt upload every 4 months plz upload more <3

  9. lol why do people spin around in this game?

  10. omg you are back one of my favourite zr youtubers

  11. yang decided to update at the worst time for me lol i cant play RIP

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