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Old Content VS New Content | Zombsroyale

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Today I compared old zombsroyale content to new zombsroyale content. Which is better?! HAVE WE REALLY IMPROVED!? Anyways, like and subscribe if you’re new. I really like these types of videos (though they take a little longer to make than my usuals)

Music Used

– Ashes On The Fire –
Original theme by Kohta Yamamoto
Instrumental Cover by PokéMixr92

Jim Yosef – Arrow

Bobby Cole – Trance Music For Racing Game

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania




  1. Noob I was the guy who u called a legend. I was actually wondering if that was you. I had a feeling it was you based on parachute so I entered ur building hoping to die to you on purpose. I didn't know It was u lol.

  2. Alternate Title: Noob content vs Samaju content

  3. whoever the other dudes video was so much better than the voice video ez

  4. Old content: hello guys watch dis trick shot Now: !!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  5. poor players, trying to win but this person won't let them

  6. The first part was so good that guy just clipped sn noob

  7. Noob about to hit 40k before school ends good job unlegendarynoob keep up the good work

  8. im a sin ive been watching u for like a year now and i werent subbed and i thought i were subbed

  9. the old content is better ngl , but the new content is still good.

  10. The no name challenge is the hardest challenge yet

  11. Unlegendary old vs new content but for the old content he recestly made it just edited how he use to i think LMAO

  12. people say the real ogs but real ogs remember when u uploaded reacting to white kids trying to rap

  13. Me playing normal game:
    Me see UnlegendaryNoob in kill feed: 😳
    Me dead in storm 10 sec later:

  14. yo noob is see no old in this time stamp 2:27 / 6:05 this is seoson 25 ha

  15. yooo sn noob I'm new to ur channel and this video make you like my favourite youtuber rn so yea 🙂

  16. he made the video recently on the old content but i know it was the style that counts

  17. Old zr content…..how is it old content when there was a famas? And yes I made sure its in the old at content 1:40

  18. BRUH dis is a fake because i saw a dude with the thanatos wings in old content xD

  19. Can somebody plz tell me the music unlegendarynoob uses at the beginning were it says "Old Content" in white letters, thanks.

  20. Let's be honest here, we all came here to see some quality bot-grinding asmr!


  22. is it just me or does UnlegendaryNoob sound like Lloyd Garmedan

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