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P2000 only Challenge in Superpower Mode | ZombsRoyale.io

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P2000 only Challenge in Superpower Mode | ZombsRoyale.io
in this Video I only use the P2000 pistol to win a game of Superpowers enjoy

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  1. How bout solo squads instead and without throwables like wat samaju did

  2. This man killed 13 people with a pistol an uncommon pistol,ok buddy u need to get nerfed

  3. awsome vid i subbed liked and turned n notifications

  4. U subscribed your realy good at the game i wish i was as good as tou

  5. .-. does spirit now like pc more than mobil :O

    leave a like :3

  6. Spirit how did u get such smooth gameplay?

    Im on 193ms :/

  7. Once you know spirit is in the game just leave there is no point played because he is going to destroy you

  8. My man is doin 20 damage with a pistol he’s just too good

  9. Random meme:

    You see a no skin with p2000: 🙂
    They have a lot of power: 😐
    It's spirit: :'(

  10. ur so pro!!!!!!! How is my question bro. I am also subbed now btw

  11. superpowers is a completely balanced gamemode and there is nothing wrong with it

  12. You did the impossible nice job dude! 😉

  13. This man killed a guy with a vector using a P2000

  14. the people u killed be slamming there keyboard honestly

  15. 2022!
    Technically wasn't p2000 only because you also had grenade
    But great Video!

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