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P2000 only Challenge in Superpower Mode | ZombsRoyale.io

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P2000 only Challenge in Superpower Mode | ZombsRoyale.io
in this Video I only use the P2000 pistol to win a game of Superpowers enjoy

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  1. 2022!Technically wasn't p2000 only because you also had grenadeBut great Video!

  2. How bout solo squads instead and without throwables like wat samaju did

  3. This man killed 13 people with a pistol an uncommon pistol,ok buddy u need to get nerfed

  4. awsome vid i subbed liked and turned n notifications

  5. U subscribed your realy good at the game i wish i was as good as tou

  6. .-. does spirit now like pc more than mobil :O

    leave a like :3

  7. Spirit how did u get such smooth gameplay?

    Im on 193ms :/

  8. Once you know spirit is in the game just leave there is no point played because he is going to destroy you

  9. My man is doin 20 damage with a pistol he’s just too good

  10. Random meme:

    You see a no skin with p2000: 🙂
    They have a lot of power: 😐
    It's spirit: :'(

  11. ur so pro!!!!!!! How is my question bro. I am also subbed now btw

  12. superpowers is a completely balanced gamemode and there is nothing wrong with it

  13. You did the impossible nice job dude! 😉

  14. This man killed a guy with a vector using a P2000

  15. the people u killed be slamming there keyboard honestly

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