Playing SQUID GAME In ZombsRoyale! -

Playing SQUID GAME In ZombsRoyale!

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In this video, we play Squid Game in zombs royale! If you enjoy, leave a like and subscribe. #zombsroyale #squidgame

HUGE SHOUTOUT To the Squid Game Mods:
Vibrant – For the Idea

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  1. damn i wished i wasnt banned on disc now :(((((((((((((((((((

  2. 씰룩이 채널💜(ssillook's channel) says:

    hi, There is a puppy's "red light, green light."
    There's also "BTS Butter". Come and watch. Thank you..

  3. Imma big fan of zombz dope#6338 Plz someone play with me that is good I am okay at the game been playing since season 5 or 10 plz I would love with someone like mrjawesome I play around 2 in USA time on whatever servers it is plz

  4. I tried doing it before u, but no one agreed to play man 🙁

  5. Quality was bad lmao overall the game was trash and everyone was unorganised.

  6. ITS YOU,
    omg add me in zr pls i thought your a normal player but ur yt

  7. Whats up MRJ… Haven't been on ZR in 2 months but great vid, and ofc daddy coweirdo is op

  8. I wish u had more followers, your not a bad youtuber. 😀

  9. Doesn't matter what negative people say about this video. The point is you worked hard on it, and for those people who can't see a good video when it's in front of them are either jealous or ignorant. Just my opinion.😅 Anyways love your videos and keep up the good work.

  10. A month ago, I would have done the same but it's okay. 😗👍

  11. Bro that kid he said it's that lake tf dude

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