Playing Zombs Royale At Midnight... -

Playing Zombs Royale At Midnight…

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I played ZR at midnight and it was quite the rollercoaster, hope you guys enjoy.
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Thanks for Reading the Description, Have a Good Day! 😀


  1. Nighttime gameplay be hitting different

  2. full superpowers challenge part 2 first one was a banger plz reply to my commnt nice vid thx

  3. Q and A question did ramdonooby quit zr his main chanell is unactive

  4. Why does Legendary jun play better at midnight makes no sense???

  5. sweatynoob was me and rebekah 4010 is my sister

  6. How can I play on computer? It gives me an error on the computer

  7. Jun has randomnoob quit or just takeing an 8th month break can you answer? thx

  8. Challenge idea. Only use weapons that starts with A(weapon name)

  9. i’m glad u killed the elf and u won 🙂

  10. Hey jun love ur vids hopefully one day I can join you in a game!

  11. hey you should do community group challenges

  12. Ayo, I eliminated u! I didn’t think I would end up in your vid. Anyways gg! 4:37 is where I show.

  13. your content is amazinf keep it up

  14. Challenge vid:use only val guns

    Ares – mg36
    Stinger – ump
    Marshal – mk 2
    Ghost – silenced

  15. Jun I killed u I was the blue afro with wings

  16. Hey Jun I'm a BIG FAN. Love ur vids and montages. I'm looking for a good free screen recorder to record ZR content, and a free video editor. What do use use?

  17. legendary jun cane i 1v1 you pls
    im chozen324 (vg)

  18. Is it me or are players better at night than they are at day

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