Playing Zombs Royale At Midnight... -

Playing Zombs Royale At Midnight…

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I played ZR at midnight and it was quite the rollercoaster, hope you guys enjoy.
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Thanks for Reading the Description, Have a Good Day! 😀


  1. Challenge idea. Only use weapons that starts with A(weapon name)

  2. i’m glad u killed the elf and u won 🙂

  3. Hey jun love ur vids hopefully one day I can join you in a game!

  4. hey you should do community group challenges

  5. Ayo, I eliminated u! I didn’t think I would end up in your vid. Anyways gg! 4:37 is where I show.

  6. your content is amazinf keep it up

  7. Challenge vid:use only val guns

    Ares – mg36
    Stinger – ump
    Marshal – mk 2
    Ghost – silenced

  8. Jun I killed u I was the blue afro with wings

  9. Hey Jun I'm a BIG FAN. Love ur vids and montages. I'm looking for a good free screen recorder to record ZR content, and a free video editor. What do use use?

  10. legendary jun cane i 1v1 you pls
    im chozen324 (vg)

  11. Is it me or are players better at night than they are at day

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