Playing ZombsRoyale After a Month... -

Playing ZombsRoyale After a Month…

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Playing ZombsRoyale After a Month… Hope you enjoy this gameplay of me coming back to ZombsRoyale. I’ve been really busy so that’s why it’s been a whole month since I’ve played. More ZombsRoyale 1v1s SOON! Hoping to hit 1k subscribers this summer so please like and subscribe for more content! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ayo bera remember me? I am Tanvi in Zr.i have ur dm in discord ggs

  2. 0:46 bro i was that red balaclava guy who was breaking that skull statue, and i even saw that somebody just said "i hate this game" and i didnt have any clue what was that for.

  3. only a homeschooled kid would correct hes to he's

  4. oh praise the lord, leader of gold zr clan is back

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