PRETENDING TO BE OG in Zombs Royale! -

PRETENDING TO BE OG in Zombs Royale!

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  1. First time using photoshop for thumbnail, lmk what you guys think 😛

  2. this uplaod was so out of the ordinary i was confused

  3. As a legit og, I'm sad that they brought back a season 1 bp carnosaur skin, witch hat, elf, and more before season 4 stuff. Now we can't tell who had the season 1 skin og unless they add variants

  4. It would be cool if they added emotes and sprays to the vault goods

  5. Love the content I hope you grow and to continue to do what you like

  6. bro i haven't seen u since toxic season you look so much different i miss zr 🙁

  7. your fps range is like going from double digits to 500 XD but nice vid glad to see the face cam again

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