Proving I'm The Fake Sirius M ~ Zombs Royale -

Proving I’m The Fake Sirius M ~ Zombs Royale

Sirius M
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They think i’m not real…
good for them!

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  1. 2:20 what is that songs name if you don’t mind telling me thanks if you do

  2. Siruis M: I want my channel to explode with subscribers so I'm quitting zr
    Also HIm:Zombs Royale New Video

  3. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like sn noob

  4. 0:50 HEY pogger!
    Sup, nice to see ya again!
    Gotaa a Q: How did you make that effect, plz.?
    And hey!

  5. Je caresse des lions chauves sur du tango égyptien says:

    I have the same skin and the same wings, sometimes I use it and people scream : UR FAKE AHAHAH LOL 1V1 BLOSS UR NOOB AHAHAHAHAHAH FAAAAAKKKEEE LOLOLOLOL XDXDXD

    (nice montage)

  6. 2nd time I ended up in Sirius M vid and killed him

  7. feels sad man, if u don't use ur combo, your "fake" lmao f

  8. 1:56 dam i really lost that because i couldnt open and close a door got you the next game tho :v

  9. Is the silent pistol good? I don’t think so but people use it a lot …

  10. Ronaldo & Ꮇᴇꜱꜱɪ🐐Gøⱥt🐐 says:

    sirius m you have 100% aimbot

  11. my dream is to never meet you in a match.

  12. This is not the sirius M I remember from 10 months ago, it's a much better version

  13. why are people so dumb in this game they be like fake fake fake real real?

  14. By the way, I’ve just gotta ask, what music did you use for this video?

  15. My brother, I love you so much, brother, play with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you very muchmmm you send requests my brother I have two accounts 1.dew # 2241 2.SOLOADAMI # 6912

  16. nobody:
    most of the good ZR players in 2021: Nades are the wae

  17. Yeap I love the terminator I saw that movie and it’s kinda old you know

  18. i watched all the terminator movie hasta lavolta baby

  19. the dms are legendary, ik how u feel, they're annoing lol

  20. When I'm gonna get my PC BY MY PARENTS I'm gonna try 1v1ing u idh my PC Rn cause I'm grounded 😅😅

  21. Me: w-what are you?

    Him: oh im human but my fingers are titanium

  22. I play every day and only won first place once. But I still died 0_0.

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