RAIDER SIX - Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/iOS) -

RAIDER SIX – Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/iOS)

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RAIDER SIX – Battle Royale Gameplay (Android/iOS)

RAIDER SIX – An action game made for India

2048, The world’s conventional energy sources have depleted and battle wages for control over Element U, a newly discovered clean source of energy. Area #6 holds the world’s entire reserve of this Element and guardians ensure its safety. A devastating bioweapon attack leaves Area #6 in ruins, giving birth to the Pandora Virus which ends up mutating all guardians and soldiers.

As a Raider, it is now your mission to plunder Element U as the survival of the planet now rests on your shoulders. Fight with bravery, trust your teammates, Save the world!

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  1. 3rd here but the game is weird fist drop already have a good gun

  2. It's like a combination of several games such as gameplay from PUBGM, FREE FIRE graphics, looting system and Apex legend mobile characters 😅😂😊

  3. Just when you thought cheap Chinese RPGs were bad enough, and now you got an Indian one instead to make you appreciate Chinese ones even more 😂

  4. Game nhái faifai thật rồi :))))

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