RAIDER SIX Gameplay - Battle Royale Android IOS -

RAIDER SIX Gameplay – Battle Royale Android IOS

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RAIDER SIX Gameplay – Battle Royale Android IOS

In this dystopian backdrop, the world has evolved. The pursuit of Element U, an advanced energy source of clean energy, has intensified. A secret location Area#6 has been created to collect and store this rare material.

As an elite raider, you are enticed by Element U’s benefits. Consequently, you have been entrusted with a covert operation of utmost importance: RAIDER SIX

Retrieve Element U from Area#6 and become the ultimate Raider

RAIDER SIX, the mission is a go.


▶ Game Features ◀

[A game made for Indian players]
Raider SIX, a Battle Royale Action mobile game inspired by Tom Clancy’s popular bestseller, caters specifically to Indian gamers who have a penchant for action games. This thrilling game not only immerses players in the captivating Indian battle landscape but also introduces a diverse array of Indian characters, marking the first-ever inclusion of such elements in the genre. Created in collaboration with Indian gamers, Raider SIX is tailored exclusively for the Indian gaming community. Let’s dive into this IndiaKaApnaGame!

[Become the Top Raider]
Element U, a most valuable resource, is the only reason you are on this dangerous battlefield. Your primary objective in this chaotic world is to plunder as much as Element U and evacuate successfully.

[Arm yourself and Fight to the end]
Choose your Gear and enter the fight. Be a sneaky sniper or a dangerous assassin always be in control and come out victorious!

[One More Chance to Be the Top Raider]
With the resurrection feature in RAIDER SIX, death is not the end in this unpredictable battlefield. Revive yourself to win or to seek vengeance!

[Trading System in the R6 Universe]
Players are free to sell and buy the resources they bring out of the Area#6 in the underground market to expand the arsenal and increase the chance of becoming the top raider. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a savvy trader and dominate the battlefield.

RAIDER SIX Official Launch:

Total Size: 1,20GB
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RAIDER SIX Battle Royale

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