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Random Voice Chat Duos… | Zombsroyale

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Today I hopped into a voicechat and played with a buddy

Music Used

Lucas King – Isolation

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania




  1. i am 4 years old you wana play with mee

  2. Me and my friend were afraid you were going to quit YouTube after that video

  3. Man there's so many people using 'ulnoob' or 'unlegendarynoob', I never know if its genuinely you.

    I did a duo with fake you but their movements and play were so similar to you, I thought it was you 🤣

  4. plz unlegendary give me ur discord
    ill like play with u
    i've 127 wins
    im for the season 21
    plz ill like to play with u im so F F F A A A N N N

  5. Oml I found him on discord vc I played with him

  6. is no one going to talk about the fact that he literally got like 20 minis

  7. I just like UnlegedaryNoob like going sweaty mode until roro dies.

  8. Your so funny!! Ive been watching for 2 years now on my other account and u inspired me to make Zr content. You helped me get threw the flu by cheering me up threw those painful weeks. Thanks for helping me keep up with the amazing content bro.

  9. pis say Hi i am your big big fan love you bye 😀

  10. Can anyone please join my clan I want it to grow

  11. You should do this more, there are people out there that are absolute legends like this dude.

  12. Hey unlegendary can we play sometime Bc I’m a big fan

  13. ay man did u just play wiv u s is ur code cty

  14. Do you stream zombsroyale can i add u frend?

  15. i just love ur beanie, im always wearing one too!

  16. I was like what where did that frag nade come from and then I was like oh ur mobile!

  17. Unlegendarynoob kan you do only legendary challenge pla

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