Returning to Zombs Royale? -

Returning to Zombs Royale?

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  1. i prefer val content im gold and val and fn and zr are my thing

  2. jun we miss you so much dont scar me like that agin

  3. Absolutely excited about the return of zombs royale god

  4. west superpowers at night are so dead lmao

  5. Second but the game is so boring I miss ur valorant more

  6. Is this game worth making content on or should I spend my time making videos on other games?

  7. i quit zr like a few months ago cuz legit no updates and it's just boring tbh

  8. Dude play roblox paintball it’s like valorent but paintball

  9. Even though he hasn't played zombs in a few months, he's still the man.

  10. NO flipping way i have been waiting for a vid TY

  11. nice to see you its been a while just asking do u know what happened to ramdonooby?

  12. Drop zombs, there are way better io games or just normal download games than this shit game with 0 updates except for skins


  14. It's only usw EU and USE are more active and I enjoy watching ur videos of zr so pls don't quit again I have bean watching ur vids since u hat a batman changing pfp on discord so pls don't leave

  15. Yeessssss I been waiting for like 4 months

  16. Jun, I'm so jealous of you bc you can play superpower.. I can't.. im oce region and for some reason, superpower in oce is always dead…I think it's a glitch.. I hope Luck fixes it..

  17. at this point, zr for me is just equivalent to an ego booster

  18. 1100 friend requests sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  19. hola soy mexicano quiero que agas otro canal en español del juego

  20. jun pls make a hwo to get better at zombs royale im an average player but i need some tips

  21. Lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Also your usw use is very active like 100+ people in superpowers and solos

  22. people think he hasnt played zombsroyale in the past 3 months but in reality he's been playing 6 hours every single day to practice his skills to finally win that zcl game. expect daily zr content coming from jun

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