RUINING Lobbies w/ STORM HEAL Only Challenge! + NEW HALLOWEEN Chests | Zombs -

RUINING Lobbies w/ STORM HEAL Only Challenge! + NEW HALLOWEEN Chests | Zombs

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be ruining lobbies with storm heal only challenge where I can only storm heal at the end kg the game to win the zombs royale game!

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The layout of the video begins with 1 zombs royale solo game, then 1 duo game w/ Legendaryjun, 2 solo games, the opening of the new Halloween chests, and 2 more solo games that are all gameplay of me storm healing!

At 9:41 I spend all of my 480 gems on the NEW Halloween Chest! I get amazing cosmetics from the chest and a new combo that both I and Jun have!

If you enjoyed the video please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Thank you for watching the video! Almost at 4k subscribers, thank you guys so much for all the support you have been showing and giving to the youtube channel and zombs royale content!

Happy Halloween btw! 👻🎃

Youtubers you check out!:

LegendaryJun YT:

Chezitss YT:


WarZone YT:

HyperWeasle YT:

Music used in video 🎶:

Kevin Macleod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys:

Kevin Macleod – Jaunty Grumption:

Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade:





  1. Happy halloween 임의의 누브(random noobby

  2. Get this man to 4k subs he deserves it!

  3. Am so much ok with this two best player Jun and Ramdom

  4. Can you do the 1v1’s with sammurai and jun, idk why but I like those alot

  5. You ruined mine and it really sucked please stop. 😡😭😭😭

  6. im here at 3.99k XD just saying……….

  7. get close to people and make them get killed by ur rpg lol

  8. Dude, congrats on 4K!!! That’s amazing, the vid was grate to man. Anyway if u wanna play zombs sometime ill put mu discord, igniting cya man

  9. Fun Fact: you can breath if you smile. Jk just wanted to make who ever read this smile 🙂

  10. ramdo tryna stormheal

    Jun : you know what frick you imma use these heals


  11. Was that ur brother for the chest opening? Or were u screen sharing on discord?

  12. Dang bro, I don’t know if you remember me I was Dominic Dorsey it flutestrike, you hit puberty LOL and look taller keep it up man

  13. I got pumpking cloak i wish better every season badd

  14. what is the best weapon in the game?? plz answer

  15. I actually got the scythe you wanted the legendary from a free halloween chest. (Not tryna be mean)

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