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*SAME SKIN* Challenge! | Zombs Royale.io | ft. LegendaryJun

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing the same skin zombs royale challenge! The rules of the challenge are that I can only kill people who have the same zombs royale skin as me! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a fantastic day!

For the first half of the video, I will be attempting to complete this zombs royale challenge alone in solos then for the other half will do the challenge with LegendaryJun in duos!

SHOUTOUT to HeyItsNJ from discord who gave me the video idea! Thank you!

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COMMENT BELOW any video ideas, please! I have been running low on video ideas so it would be amazing if you helped, thanks!

Since I have recently hit 5k subscribers I will be working on the 5K montage where I hopefully can upload it next week!

Thanks for watching the video! 🙂

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  1. 1:50 Big Brain – i can damage him but not kill him
    7 seconds later gets killed

  2. Videos getting better and better btw randomnooby can you shout my channel out?

  3. You should've kept the people with the same skin as you alive so you can kill them at end. You don't need to team just guard them.

  4. Yeeha 😆 man I was laughing lol. I love this vid. The first attemmpt was hillarious. Juns raging was funny. Cant wait till the next vid. Keep on giving us awsome content 🙂

  5. Make a montage of the best clips of people clapping you. (LOTS OF VIEWS)

  6. I have a challenge that goes with your if you see som certain thing the vid ends. The challenge is you have to have no melee or backpack and you have to put your skin on random and if you see a person with the same skin like same color and everything the vid ends

  7. bruh i killed u me and thanoid were team in duos2

  8. Ram do you remember me im from when you have like 7 subs 🙂

  9. ;-; idk what to say other than your vids are so creative 😀

  10. u cant kill people who does not have the same skins as u but bots are not people so u can kill them lol

  11. bro nice video keep it up!ngl i wont be on jun's good list lol!

  12. Broooo your videos are literally dumb Ayyy remember me MAKE SURE TO READ THE BOTTOM OF THERE COMMENT LOL


  13. this is hard to watch this I usualy just W key people

  14. Randomnooby naughty he killed someone that was not his skin

  15. Challenge idea: you can only stay on the paths in zombs Royale. Idk if you have done it yet but ya.

  16. Ramdonooby did you get this idea from jun (don't cap) lmao

  17. Nice vid ramondnoopy my name is Sandra gon

  18. Man i am in the vid 4:26 im that afro U made my day nioce vid

  19. no skin is a skion its just the skin for people who have no skin…

  20. When u realise he could have teamed with some1 with the same skin right till a 1v1 lol

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