Season 2 is here!!! /Pro Zombs Royale. Io Mobile Player -

Season 2 is here!!! /Pro Zombs Royale. Io Mobile Player

valence Exeter
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Season 2 is here and it’s space themed!
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  1. When u drink the slurps drink at once so that when it finishes u drink the other. When u drink all at once it won't get you to 100 Health/Shields

  2. He was.but at least he doesn't lag…..I have a 4 gig ram cap on my tab and my internet has 30 ping.i should not be lagging at all but yet I die to it

  3. I've never gotten a mythic gun in this game before

  4. I’ll beat you my name is earzboltpoco#3493 duos

  5. Let's play mi name is GAEZombsGaming#6378

  6. Let's play zombs royale io my Id is oppstopeble#6015


  8. He chocked coz he got to cocky

    Good vid

  9. i have the pass but give me your account and i give you 100# and i give you in your account 460 gems plz i will

  10. Mu clas mate make that game i. Serious

  11. Ay bro im looking for a dou if u have discord add me subok #5654 if you dont then add me subtomenow#8359

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