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*SECRET* UPDATE in Zombs Royale?!

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Today, me and ramdonooby play the new update in Zombs Royale!

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  1. This update is the best Chirstmas gift ever

  2. it's so fun fr, maybe yang starts updating again?

  3. For those wondering why yang isnt updating his game much it is because the way their company works (endgame) is by making lots of small games rather than 1 big game, another factor that played a major role in this is money, at the time of the release pf zr yang had 20 people employed, even though ze made him a lot of money if there are no direct relations to game development and profit he is not going to update. He has made about 4 million usd off of the games he has made and also before anyone thinks that the updating takes forever jeremaih made the game includimg the assets in 4 weeks

  4. I'm so glad they actually updated the game. Maybe this means the zr creators aren't as dead as the community.

  5. This was definitely Yang saying Merry Christmas

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