showing NOOBS how the SKRT OWNER really plays -

showing NOOBS how the SKRT OWNER really plays

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Join King Cooly’s Kingdom server, or else…:

In today’s video, I play with unlegendarynoob but then he starts playing zombsroyale with yoshiclapz then legendaryjun comes out of nowhere and starts fortnite dancing? Yoshiclapz then starts using the octopus skin and becomes a pro zr player then unlegendarynoob joins sn with chezitss! Don’t know what ZR is? is a 2D battle royale video game developed by an American studio, End Game. It was released in 2018 for iOS, Android, and web browsers. Unlock the secrets behind the laughter with dedicated skibidi toilet games. Delve into the origins, explore character nuances, and discover the unexpected plot twists that have defined this internet sensation. Join the community of Skibidi Toilet enthusiasts and become part of the ongoing hilarity that is toilet monsters and cameramen at war!

Kevin Macleod – monkey spinning monkey
Aero Chord – Time Leap DnB NCS
#Zombsroyaleio​​​​ #Zombsroyale​​​​ #zombsroyalechallenge #zr​​​​ #battleroyale​​​ #io #unlegendarynoob #yoshiclapz


  1. first 200 people to join the skrt clan server WILL join the main team

  2. legend has it that if you say your favorite youtuber 3 times you get a pin and like



  3. OK LISTEN I WAS SDW KID I CAN NOT BELIVE I PLAYED WITH COOLY ( edit also sorry I sold my mouse was bugging out)

  4. Cooly it’s been fun playing with you. Hope to share a few more games.

  5. Omg! They updated the game! I played mystery mode and now they have an all nade mode!!!! You need to play it

  6. Still waiting for that 1v1 bro, this ain't over.

  7. 5:10 bruh no way I got put in the vid 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Hey Cooly can you do a video about a computer setup for Zombs?

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