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*SNOWBALL* ONLY Challenge! | Zombs Royale.io | ft. LegendaryJun

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Hi guys! In this video, I will be doing the snowball only challenge in zombs royale! The rules in the challenge are simple as I am only allowed to use snowballs and heals to win zombs royale games! Hope you enjoy the video! Please like, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Have a nice day!

The first half of the video is me doing the zombs royale challenge in solos than the other half in duos with LegendaryJun.

SHOUTOUT to PINHEAD, SamiBeast8, SmartNoob, and many others to the people who suggested the video idea to me, thank you!

#zombsroyale #zombsroyalesnowball #ramdonooby

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Game #1 (Solos)
1:32 – Game #2 (Solos)
2:49 – Game #3 (Solos)
4:15 – Game #4 (Solos)
5:03 – Game #5 (Solos)
5:25 – Game #6 (Solos)
7:38 – Game #7 (Duos w/ LegendaryJun)
9:50 – Game #8 (Duos w/ LegendaryJun)
12:03 – Game #9 (Duos w/ LegendaryJun)
14:10 – Game #10 (Duos w/ LegendaryJun)
16:23 – Outro

Comment below any video ideas you have, please! (been running low on video ideas)

Thank you for watching the video!

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  1. I found u in a solo match and asked if u were real and u said nope

  2. i got in a juice scrim and wiped a dou with snowball only

  3. Only using loot from the ice rink in lucky lake

  4. The funny thing is that as soon as lucky lake came out I did this same challenge but I only use my YT account to comment so I didn’t record it 😂

  5. 5:20 you should have won. you did so much hits with the snowball only nine damage per each

  6. oof im not in here i remember getting in your game

  7. can i join juice? dont mind my name good vid btw and i actually am good at the game

  8. Did not think you would actually show mine lol

  9. You should do healing only challenge but u can’t be in the circle u have to be in the storm the hole game

  10. i was wondering if we could play together if u see this my discord name is ༺ㄩ几⻓几口山几⪼⪼#4940

  11. ramdonooby heres a vid idea:
    you can do the no dropping challenge
    Rules: when you pick up an item you cant drop it unless you find the exact same item

    for example :
    you have a big pot
    you see a med kit
    you want to switch
    you need to find another big pot to switch out for the med kit

  12. I remember last year I got a win with snowball only

  13. 5:50 I KNEW you’d say something like that! Lol I CALLED IT

  14. Hello Ramdonooby You Dmed me ima your fan can you please Give me a shoutout

  15. Legnedary jun kinda sounds like Faze megga
    from walmart

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