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In this video, I solo squad in Zombies mode in Zombs Royale. Hope you guys enjoy!
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  1. Or one if you shoot the zombies will hear you and they will come

  2. Those big zombies are the only ones capable of opening doors

  3. Can anyone feel that jun is back zr will come back

  4. Legendary jun play Europe region for a challenge in zr

  5. Bro is it me or do u sound like u had 8 cough drops before the vid started???

  6. once the big zombies press against the door, it opens DUHHHHHHHHh

  7. yo use snowballs to slow them down

  8. puedes poner suctitulos en español

  9. video is 10 out of 10. and hilarious
    it’s so satisfying when the zombies dispersed when you won on the last game

  10. Jun I have WAY less wins then you but a way higher acc lvl XD my acc lvl is 208 and I have 993 wins XD

  11. Jun I just posted a montage can you check it out and comment what you think?

  12. Btw the big zombies r the only ones who can open doors
    So you want to block the door so the big one can't come near the door to open it

  13. damn , this is actually a really hard challenge..
    pogg vid 😀

  14. bruh every time i play zombies there's like 4 people so i never get to play the special gamemodes

  15. Jun sounds like he went through puberty

  16. um…..u know that the biggest zombs can open doors right?

  17. bruh the intro is so coool dude keep doing that on ur intro ull be the next mrbeast but better

  18. This is sooo epic!! Great you're back Jun!!

  19. watch and comment on the legendary jun pls watch vid, I will add u in the description if u comment😊😊😊

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