Stronger | Zombs Royale Montage #14 -

Stronger | Zombs Royale Montage #14

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Thanks for watching! This is my 14th Zombs Royale montage and I hope you enjoy its prolly my best one. Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Remix:
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Contact Me on Discord: Durant35#8356
Email Me: Just dm me don’t email
Computer: Macbook Pro (I don’t recommend this)
Mouse: Some random one that my dad used to use idk
Headset: Don’t have one of these either
Editor: iMovie and Davinci Resolve
Screen Recorder: Built in one
I am Durant35 and I am the leader of my clan Nades. I upload the best content I can as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my vids!



  2. absolutely poggers durant keep up the amazing work!

  3. Insane dude love ur vids and montanges maybe u can friend me Fresh#2403 I’m pretty good / if u. Want

  4. bro, ur so insane with the impulse nade combo, man. I always lag during the time I wanna do that combo and failed, good job mastering it, I saw AgentSCK and RARENOOB in there too lol

  5. ayo poggg. the edits are very well synchronized with the song, nice job

  6. wtf the edit is op and much more op when the beat goes crazy good job

  7. lol i thought this was gonna be a crap montage but then the beat drop happened XD

    also where is division tag >:C

  8. Hold up some clips say NADES and others say > | <

  9. INSANE UR ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!! What do u use for editing?

  10. Use opergx on mac makes your game smoother 🙂 Or brave browser 😉

  11. I knew U were gonna use the clip when u killed me with impulse grenade at 2:27

  12. Durant can i join division in really good I'm west player I dont have disc but if u can add me so I can tryout we can do duo for me to tryout luis#6317

  13. Hey durant im about yo start posting zr edits do u jave any clips i can use if u dont mind me featuring You 👍

  14. Yo sup Durant? I found 2 new hiding spots in zombs and I was wondering ,if you could add me, so I can show them to you? My name is Luke Skywalker1.

  15. Wow.
    I did know you could ultra key on I movie lmao

  16. Q&A
    Question: Do you have a Job?
    Question: Who is your favorite youtuber?
    Question: What is your favorite food?

  17. Lmfao sounds like an indian guy singing

  18. CAN U PLS TELL ME HOW U EDITED 1:10 how did u make lucky into a diff beckground

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