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  1. GameCrook looks like the single real website from which you might get points.

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  6. GameCrook is fake site and not working – please do not waste your time

  7. It seems that Gamecrook is the only real site. I cannt believe that there are so many spam sites on Youtube.

  8. My bro tested all of these websites believing they are real, but only real one is Gamecrook. I hope I saved your time.

  9. back when everyone spammed must have been nice

  10. What is up with all the fake comments. It should be well known that Gamecrook is the only legit site for free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc..

  11. Youtube comments are so spamy these days. Too many scam web sites. I wasted so much time using all sorts of web apps from the comments and none works. I have found a Youtube video about a site called Gamecrook. It worked to my surprise.

  12. What's up with all the spam comments. It should be well known that GameCrook is the only working website for free gems and coins.

  13. Anybody here used Gamecrook, I've got a friend that used it and got so many free points.

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  15. Many many fake web apps in the comment section. Only one that worked for me is Gamecrook.

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  17. GameCrook is the I think only authentic web app for getting free coins and gems.

  18. Trying all morning to find a website that you can use to get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc. for freeand just Gamecrook was real.

  19. watching you playing is a lot of fun,there are too many strong player in the game now and I seldom win a round.

  20. bro im starting a youtube chanel about this game bc of u

  21. I cried because I can get the game but I lag and I never get any cool cosmetics

  22. Awp only 80 not that much lol most damage in the game. I'm starting to question how much knowledge he has on this game

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