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*SWEATY* Zombs Royale Gameplay

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Sweaty solo gameplay to grind to. :LegendarySweat:
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  1. Claim ur “here during premiere” tokens.

  2. The fact all the kills u had I would use in a montage

  3. i suggest no healing challenge but that will be too ez for u

  4. Dude i got an epic idea grenade launcher only challenge

  5. I wish everyone who read this a successfull youtuber

  6. Dude your just inspiration your so GOD at the game I want to be someday as good as you!!!! Anyway GREAT video! THAT WAS SWEATy

  7. Bro it’s true when he sweats because when he uses webcam he sweats

  8. -Most recent gameplay video
    Chill Zombs gameplay
    “You are sweating on these bots it’s sweat gameplay
    -This vid
    “Sweat gameplay”

  9. Whoaah this sooo sweaty!!!
    the clean pumps are satisfying

  10. Are you afraid to use the word montage in your title jeez daddy chill

  11. You call it sweaty gameplay, also known as spinny gameplay

  12. Why are you just turning so much when you reload?

  13. POV: You do not go outside for 1 week and just play zombsroyale.

    nah but for real you are a really good player

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