The BEST Zombs Royale TROLLING I Ever Done! 😎 -

The BEST Zombs Royale TROLLING I Ever Done! 😎

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Playing zombs royale but I troll people using AFROS! random trolling in zombs royale! (mainly pink afro) some of the best trolling I’ve ever done (I think)

Sneaky – Kevin MacLeod
Amazing Plan – Kevin MacLeod
Meta Knight’s Revenge – Kirby Super Star
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod
Funky Boxstep – Kevin MacLeod
Local Forecast – Elevator – Kevin MacLeod
Animal Crossing City Folk OST 9 AM Normal
Checker Knights – Kirby Air Ride

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  1. Bruh at the start I didn’t even see the caveman/dweller

  2. Sorry pas i was outside of my house F

  3. Dood every time I try to Afro troll I always get caught lol 😂

  4. Yo pat I was afor trolling to with my friends can i be your duo for the next troll pls I'm a fan

  5. Why does this man only have 1.68K subs!? He's suppose to have 10K subs, cmon viewers, do smth with ur life and go sub!!!

  6. 6:46 Thas my friend xd Flickaclick didnt notice you at first lmao.

  7. Ok literally pat you keep killing me in zombs…

  8. I die😂😂😂 you are very good at trolling y0u😎

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