the HISTORY of ZOMBSROYALE (part 1) -


jamie zr
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discord: jamiezr#8096
zombsroyale: GRUMPY#4050


  1. Nice video, but it kinda feels like its your first video

  2. Cooley was around longer than 2021 and you say like to much otherwise you did bvggyfsxghioggood👁️👄👁️

  3. W video, me personally the end is coming for me as I quit comp ZR as a step into quitting the game completely. Its really confusing how summer is usually where games go up in concurrent players (CCU) but it didn't happen like that to ZR, instead it went down. As always, things have to come to an end but we just have to appreciate what was. Keep it up jamie, congrats on 1k

  4. Man quarantine was amazing but also sucked I had covid 2wice but I was a demon an I was playing in Instinct, and ArK.

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