the HISTORY of zombsroyale?! PART 2 -

the HISTORY of zombsroyale?! PART 2

jamie zr
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  1. really good video ur speaking facts the devs need too listen too the community too make this game great aigan many players have great ideas but the devs just dont care i think its sad the devs are wasting the potential of the game in my opinion 2019-2020 was the best time for zr many ytbers good seasons map changes and now look at the game bringing back og skins jst for the money tf is wrong im really hoping zombs will sometimes return too its 2019 and 2020 state

  2. Jamie zr cant die i spend soo much money 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Jamie wanna 1v1 and try to make poeple belive in zr

  4. Great video man and even if zombs royale is a dead game or not a dead game I will still come back in play the video game I used to play when I was a younger kid.

  5. Don’t know why I got a special thanks, but thank you for keeping this zr community alive!

  6. Nice vid and i do think that zr developers should be updating the game if the game update zombs royale could make its come back

  7. They need to listen to the community, even some zr youtubers are asking every now and there in their videos about updating the game, alot of really good players have left, zombs is crashing no one bothers to play anymore. Back in 2018-2020 lobbies were full of players, players who loved the game, players who wasted alot of time for ZOMBS ROYALE. REAL MONEY gone to this game. Devs needa listen to what we are saying. Alot of people quit but we are still here and we want them to change this game so people can come back. Amazing video Jamie, spread the word. " ZOMBS ROYALE WILL COME BACK!!!"

  8. We are at the point where EndGame just has to sell or consider community updates or just do a overhaul like fortnight with their chapters

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