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washed zombsroyale playrs play zombsroyale lol


thefatrat – unity x megalovania



  1. Broo can you fight with Who. İ think he is the best in europe serverr

  2. Yo lemme tryout for sn ._.
    Also I've been a fan for a while and gotta say u make rlly good content

  3. yo Unlegendarynoob this gril in zobos royal istrying to date me

  4. Tbh i honestly lost most of my interest in the game it’s just not as fun as it used to be ill still watch your content though hell i remember when I first saw your videos and started playing more than usual in hopes of being as good as you and maybe even becoming a YouTuber the YouTuber dream still stays with me and gaming but i just lost interest in this game I’m sorry

  5. Haven’t seen you in a while I’m happy your still having fun with this game

  6. I was rly first I just didn't comment I was watchin the vid😅

  7. theres tons of events lmfao endzone had a game b yesterday

  8. Not bad but unlegendary noob is the only good player in this one. Just my opinion the other guys kinda seem kinda bad, I could beat them easily but unlegendary noob…

  9. bro i just wish zr got more updates, the game would be so much better.

  10. me just looking at the profile pics- i see tofu's is gojo satoru i think lol

  11. In your previous video, you said you would delete your channel, but I am really happy that you sent a new video.

  12. At the beginning of the 3rd match Noob kept putting his cursor near that "69 people in-game mark"

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