The *RANDOM* Skin Challenge | -

The *RANDOM* Skin Challenge |

1azer ZR
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In this video, I attempt the RANDOM Skin Challenge in! This means that the colour of the random skin I get will be the only rarity colour we are allowed to use for the ENTIRE game! e.g Red Skin = Myhics Only, Purple Skin = Epics Only, etc.
Hope you enjoyed!

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NCS for Background music

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  1. bruh this hurt my heart so bad 0:29 (he left the dragunov which is op sniper on the ground)

  2. BRUH. GUY GOT MYTHIC WEAPON FROM CHEST BUT HE CAN ONLY MYTHICS. FI remember how i many times got mythic weapon. Lol. 1 different mythic weapon but 2 in air loot

  3. This just doesnt feel good like samaju,unlegendary,chosen thet were the best players ever

  4. Where do you get the assets for the thumbnail??

  5. oh obs studio i use it but its very laggy is it because of full storage in the pc

  6. the mythic challenge got me thinking…..MYTHIC SHOTGUN WHEN?

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