The RAREST WEAPON COMBO In Zombs Royale! | Season 8 -

The RAREST WEAPON COMBO In Zombs Royale! | Season 8

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The RAREST WEAPON COMBO In The Game! | Season 8

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  1. Bot's NAGIBATOR…….AHAHAH, 13 players/ 90% bots…… really epic win 😕

  2. Add me as a friend please my name is : Oof

  3. These are the kind of videos i like! Keep it up! : )

  4. Can we be friends? My zombs ID is love smile#4793

  5. bro why u putting strange effects when you are just killing bots lets be honest.still enjoyed the video.keep up the good work😘🖤🖤

  6. mine is either vector u may disagree but it preety goiod i aslo like the awp

  7. u killed many bots but it looks u are such a pro


  9. IT WAS ME THAT U KILLED WITH YOURE SNIPERS XD, i did TOP 2 (i had the thor's hammer u remember) YEAH ITS ME BLACK DEATH and im in one of youre video thx for it (its been awhile since i realized that was me in the video) ah by the way NICE SHOTE , GUY

  10. Does anyone remember when the duel pistols came out and they were way to op

  11. I have question for pro, how to is snipe well? Me is very is bad sniping on mobile cuz can not ford compooper, need is tip

  12. Bro u killed me and stop it with those strange effects for every bot you kill

  13. I’m a fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ win his game for us

  14. My favourite weapon is AWP and Rare Bolt-action sniper

  15. Ive had that combo before …..

    In Mystery mode 😔 ggs only

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