The Real Goat Is Back. -

The Real Goat Is Back.

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the real goat is not messi, not lebron, not will smith…but unlegendarynoob



  1. Omg I’ve been waiting forever ur the best YouTuber ever. The first person I’ve been subscribed to

  2. Thank you noob for coming back and helping the community <3

  3. Yessir bro I have been waiting for you to post

  4. Man its been atleast 3 years since i last watched you but yeah glad your back

  5. Oh well then happy late Birthday🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. Do you think UnlegendaryNoob is telling us the truth and coming back
    Do you think he will lie to us and quit again

  7. Finally the GOD has returned. It’s so krazyyy how we both came back to zr at the same time after taking a long break. I feels good. Lesss gettt ittt!!!

  8. hey. i just wondered if i could go for tryouts, and btw i have a friend in sn clan that thinks i have a big chance of being able too join.

  9. Yo, is it ok if you start playing some events, ( discord events like crown wars, zft endzones)?

  10. tbh hes more rusty then i expected cooly is better still

  11. i havent watched you since your mobile days, but glad too see youre still doing videos

  12. zombsroyale but everytime i win i switch regions w or na?

  13. Nice ur uploading now I just got back into zr it's been so fun

  14. “Thought they added a new region” got me dying

  15. Yo can you join my clan it’s called IN .my name is IN deez nuts just put IN before your name

  16. iam "dont die fast.." and i thank you for this..see you

  17. bro hes just going to ditch us again lol. He's done you guys. He'll make a video and then run off again

  18. I'm in there!!! I was the little adventurer with the sentinel wings


  20. Haven’t played this game in years, kinda sad to see it basically hasn’t changed since the last time I played it.

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