The REAL Top 5 Zombs Royale Players | [VR] Durant35 -

The REAL Top 5 Zombs Royale Players | [VR] Durant35

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Thanks for watching! These are the top 5 zr players based off of clips (in my opinion). Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this! Challenge your skills and reflexes with selection of contra online.


  1. Hey! I LOVE your videos I make sure that I see every single one od them! Also I have 3 accounts and each of them are subscribed to you!

  2. I agree with everything except where ru on this list? 😉

  3. U just tottally forgot tigger and mirio gruggs and others tiggers the best

  4. durant but do you know when they do the zombies royal tournaments?

  5. nah, i don't think sport is better than blump

  6. I think blump is better than sportsgaming they did a 1v1 and blump won

  7. Done Subbed with 5 acc no cap

    Told my whole family 😂😅

  8. Lmao where is 4tapps, samaju, and tigger? And no disrespect to sport and cent they’re both really good but i can kill cent sometimes and sport got destroyed by blump yet you put him higher than him. Good video otherwise

  9. High kill games:
    5. Samaju
    4. Samaju
    2. Samaju
    1. Samaju

  10. I been here since 12 subs lol it's ZombieNinja1045 I used to be in VR Also ur really good at editing

  11. That first clip of sportgamer he killed me in zombs royale

  12. Imagine troopie aj and blump all in a final circle


  14. I loved the vid but unlegendarynoob did not come first troopie should have been the mention my first dislike of durant

  15. AJ definetly deserves to be on the leaderboard. He beat sport in a 1v1 2 times.

  16. whos that zombsroyale streamer at the end again?

  17. Thanks bro I bet $500 that you will put troopie 1st so thx

  18. literally all persons think troopie is the BEST ZR PLAYER by 1 FRICKING CLIP and hes bad becuz he spamner lol and his not sweat he was just lucky on that clip XD i think sn noob sportgamer7 leabraw zentorrs axel are better than him

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