The Trickshot God Has Fallen... -

The Trickshot God Has Fallen…

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Welcome to an unlegendarynoob commentary video. this will prolly be the last video before the 50k montage. thanks for watching the zombsroyale content over the years.


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. Vid idea:
    Play with your map open and win😅

  2. How about if you make a challenge where you have to make a two wheels one with all the weapons including grenades and a wheel with all the meds in the game, then you spin the weapon wheel 3 times and the med wheel 2 times, whatever your layout is, you have to keep it for the entire game.

  3. Noob honestly just you uploading is fine… seriously.. just upload and i dont think anyone would care.. do more minecraft if u still like it

  4. okay before this gets too much to handle, plz overuse the thing you did with the tv and the koala thanks 🙂

  5. BRO I LOVE THE EDITING can u do bush camping with 20 people in bloss? would be good to go back to the good old trolling

  6. Challenge: You have to kill a player using your fist, you can use weapons to damage them, but you can't kill them using the weapon. If you do you leave the match.

  7. i swear your outros are legit FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. you should troll us, act like your trying so hard but you let them kill you. you have to make it to top 10 at least. bonus if a bot kills you.

  9. Challenge#1: you can only move straight not diagonal.
    Challenge#2: you can’t use your keybinds. you can use scroll wheel or use your mouse to use weapons, meds, or grenades.

  10. Challenge: you can’t move if gas/zone is moving.

  11. if noob picked up all those awps, he would've beaten Sirius M's 5 awps challenge.

  12. Bro here’s a challenge solo- rpg mele and heals only NO THROWABLES

  13. Love ur videos don’t care if u don’t have anything else to do ur talking makes our day lol

  14. Challenge 1: Rainbow challenge (get a kill with every rarity)
    Challenge 2: swap load outs with each person you kill (you can still get a gun to kill the first opponent)

  15. challenge idea: you have to break every single breakable thing in sight no matter the condition.

  16. Bro i am bored at zombs and i quitted !
    If they bring new map then maybe i will come back…

  17. Challenge: you can’t move if someone is spectating you


    I have come here to Give u a video idea…..u may be a god but …u can never win with this challenge…the challenge is……that u, ye u

    Have to win a game with Ur mouse on reverse (u can change in settings) it is a hard challenge indeed…

    I have acknowledged Ur skill and have given u the opportunity…..
    Show that Ur a god.
    Do not disappoint me

    As u have never done not once in 3years.

    Tank u

  19. Upload good clips or something like that.

  20. Challenge : use one mouse for the right half for ur screen and another for the other half

  21. Bro im YTSAMIplays from zr u played with me when i was new 🙁 i accidentsly killed u in farm way i look like cowboy with cloak pls add me and forgive me for killing accident :c

  22. That one clip is so stuck in my head, 
    "Are you one of those heroes?"
    "Not anymore"
    "Legends never die"

  23. hi unlgendarynoob im ur biggest fan 🙂

  24. Another good video i can always excpect that for you.and stay noobie

  25. commons only challenge or u swap your loot with the player u kill

  26. Heyyyy what macro do you use? .

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