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Today unlegendarynoob explores the new weapons that came into zombsroyale

Music Used

Kevin Macleod – Movement Proposition

AOT T-KT (Cover by Samuel Kim Music)

TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. I think the put back all the old weapons cause when i played yesterday there was thor hammer

  2. Zombs should bring back OG stuff for a season

  3. You gonna play with the people with you new account??

  4. i just came back to your chanel and i regret leaving the Very loud keyboard sounds

  5. Ayo unlegendarynoob i added the lil noob account
    anyway great to see your videos again

  6. there is a thors hammer, also an flare gun that shoots a flare and airstrikes in that place where you shoot it. It doesn't work in houses cuz the airstrike can't go in I think.

  7. Thor hammer and trident are so broken together

  8. i love hes skill he is makeing video for as thx lil noob 😇

  9. bro dont worry there are just a buncha 9 year olds in the games

  10. These videos always make my day lol

  11. yo n4oob tryna 1v1 been watchng u snce 2020 me rusty at zombs resawn d u want my user

  12. There is another weapon its called air strike you can only get it in chest or loot drop idk

  13. bro what happened to the music at the stay noobie this is bad

  14. 2:15 pls don’t make fun of ur subscribers 😭that was me, I’m unsubscribing

  15. about what times do you play @UnlegendaryNoob

  16. The freeze grenade got buffed and instant freezes people!

  17. But it's rare to get airstrike and thor hammer

  18. I thought tours was fake but I went on a adventure and found it

  19. The guy that killed u called DaBaBy is my frd

  20. SN noob. Dam I remember playing zombs royale everyday during quarantine. But when the game became dead I quit and switched to um- Roblox. I used to watch all your videos. Your edits were amazing and you were the number 1 pro. I improved my skills by watching yours. But a year later after ghosting zr, this vid popped into my recommended. I needs start playing this more often, this game was very nostalgic and always made my day

  21. Unlegendarynoob can u 1v1 me for content please. I'm trying make my channel more popular. 1v1ing you would be fun too!

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