They recreated the world's hardest game in Minecraft. -

They recreated the world’s hardest game in Minecraft.

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this was a bad idea
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  1. i slapped this video together in 2 days with my rusty editingit sucksenjoy

  2. I was first one to watch and comment this on youtube

  3. watched this when it came out 57 seconds ago on youtube

  4. Why is everyone first? Btw rip koctb looking forward to the next stream though. Also dirt pillar when?

  5. Finally someone made a video about this kid crowded platform and it's terrible spin-offs.

  6. CUM! CUM! cu CUUM cu Cu CUM

  7. Classic Theo, making scratch games just so he can pretend other people suck /j

  8. I was in next and saw someone who literally looked identical to you haha 😮

  9. Butter my beans! A new video. Love the vids, keep up the good work!

  10. You gotta admit it's quite an impressive game considering it's made on scratch, there are many things that are very difficult to make, like the entire movement system, the map generation, the physics, the invierse kinematics on the arms. props to the creator for making such a well made project on scratch!

  11. If you ever feel like a failure remember that minecraft started from a scrach game. 😔

  12. Its painful that I've watched him for about 3 years and still he only get 200 likes per video
    Get him more views guys

  13. Only people on the stream remember TESCO ELEVATOR OF DOOM

  14. Why only terrible scratch games? What about something like Paper Minecraft that is actually good?

  15. If I ever play Getting Over It, I would have to be in a not-feeling-like-raging mood.

  16. theomonty: "Reviewing Terrible Minecraft Scratch Games"

    also theomonty: plays Minecraft getting over it the whole time

  17. ah yes back when I wasn't a moderator
    now all the power will go to my head!

  18. Theo actually looks like he's a 12y/o e-boi 😂😂

  19. no way that is the actual getting over it map recreated in scratch as if minecraft

  20. he didn't even play minecraft by grifpatch

  21. I will now be waiting for the speedrun of Over it minecraft 🙂

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  23. You didn't add my facepalm!!! Come one. That was the best part of the stream. (I'm only joking. Every part was the best part of the stream.)

  24. Please play the original! Please! either getting over it or the scratch original cause the minecraft remix is buggy…

  25. the visual and floating bugs weren't a thing in the original scratch getting over it. someone just remixed it and tried to make it minecraft. Not to say that it isn't difficult to do it. its quite impressive that he changed all the textures.

  26. Go so fast through Non-Euclidean portals that you go into the Aether.

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