They said we were scared... -

They said we were scared…

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thanks for watching today’s zombsroyale video about sn scrimming ultimate clan. dont take anything from the video serious. yes


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania




  1. Man nooboe still grinding ZR for all this time…. We grateful bro

  2. Yeah u should go to sleep it's 9am – sn yoshi 2021

  3. They were all confident until chunky man's squad came in and 4-1 them

  4. funny because i played with yoshi and he wasnt toxic

  5. Bro Unlegendary? Do U Have A Discord Server?

  6. "Omgh scared cuz we can beat you" Guess who got beat?

  7. yo noob your the best in the world keep it up !!!!

  8. rip unlegendarynoob has to edit all the swearing

  9. noob just keep in the no no words i doubt the viewers care

  10. Lmfo ideas suppost to be there with universe I wasn't tho I was busy lmfao he said u shit on them

  11. U inspired me to start my own try channel so I just want to say thank u

  12. Can you make a vid on how to be good with a pump

  13. yo they said the same thing to us we beat them 4-1 today lmaooo

  14. where can i find good teammates, looking for squad wins

  15. Am I the only one who like not kid friendly noob and yoshi?

  16. I'm waiting for that one kid to show up and freak out that noob cussed once lol

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