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This doesn’t work.

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This didn’t work in zombsroyale and im sad now you know


TheFatRat – Unity x Megalovania



  1. hey a very big fan like #1 fan, just want to say that i know what the next season is going to be about it maybe a fire season because yang added ice season and the new mad is a fire map so next season he might release it just my guess and you are my Idol.

  2. That is sad that he wasted his money just for notthing

  3. chunky man obviously had to finish it off bc it was a fail

  4. He spent 180 gems just to upload a video for us.

    What a Legend.

  5. You can also use the globe thing in front oh the sleigh in lucky I have done that a lot in oce lobby it might not work in use tho you should try it tho

  6. Try it on eu. It will definitely work eu is full of dumb spamming kids

  7. You know u wanna heart this comment unlegendary noob


  9. Do you have a time you usually play? I really want to end up in a video lol

  10. Noob if you have the Cursed Tree spirit from the elemental season you could land INSIDE of the 3 orange bushes close to the upper right of lucky lake

  11. Fun Fact: Waffles are pancakes with abs.

  12. Let’s just appreciate unlegendarynoob for battlepass just to entertain us

  13. Lets just honor SN NOOB for making it this far for us, he spent 10 dollars for us and still so good content. KEEP IT UP👍👍

  14. hahahhahahha invis nade kill was pretty finny and cool

  15. they should've made that skin more look like a tree.

  16. add me plz unlendarynoob my is unluckyuce5150

  17. When Your Brother Is Kicking Football (UnlegendaryNoob Be Like…) Why The Heck Are You Trying To Sabatouge Me

  18. Tbh a green afro would be better or mabye orange afro for the orange trees

  19. May I say I quit zombs royale because the community is so toxic calling me trash laughing when they were at 4 hp and there teammate was carrying them and so much more it's sad

  20. Me wondering why he didn't hide behind the christmas tree 🤷‍♂

  21. Man he is spending his own personal money just to entertain us

    Legend 😎

  22. use this skin in gingerbread house or the other lucky lake ones it works super well i do it a lot it’s sooo funny

  23. i keep forgetting that unlegendary noob has soccer in his blood, ayo 1v1 me in soccer kudge

  24. If you can describe dedication using a name, it is unlegendarynoob. What an immaculate decision to encounter our satisfying needs of trolling with the tree. This deserves best video of the year in the upcoming zr awards 2021.

  25. I used to play Zombs royale a lot last year. I do remember playing with someone called Unlegendarynoob. They said that they had a "youtube channel" so I searched you up. I am pretty sure I got trolled by a fan or a fake.

  26. Where whas this last grenade who killed him

  27. i cant hear the soccor ball but all i can is your keyboard going clickity clackity

  28. I thought he was referring to the christmas chest with only x's as skins

  29. You killed me you were UnlegendaryTroll I was the guy who was in wild west spamming Rpgs at this duo, you were in solo squads?

  30. Please help how do you show fps????? :c 😞 f7 doesn't work

  31. in the last bit, was the grenade invisible or did he stuck it to the door while it was closing?
    the guy moved back so I assumed the grenade was invisible because the other option is that UnlegendaryNoob has clipped a grenade so perfect that it can't be seen… I mean just wow I knew he was a pro just not to what extent

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