Top 10 BEST Clans | -

Top 10 BEST Clans |

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Here is the final list:
1. Honor
2. Peace
3. Horizon
4. Atlantis
5. WeWantXD
6. Killz
7. Damage
8. 7Acer
9. Vain
10. Zynix

If you could change anything, tell me in the comment section!


  1. MrJAwsome more like MrJAwwwwwwwwFUL (luv u call me <3)

  2. Lmao ur finna get so much hate from this (it's vibrant btw lol)

  3. You literally know nothing about clans please stop talking.

  4. Is this list based off of Clans Alive right now? Or all time?

  5. mrj sorry i couldnt come to ur streams this week i forgot where my laptop was

  6. make a part 2 and add clans like paradox, shield, gold, revolt, shining heart, dream, v1 idk

  7. 7seas- where was it? And technically Atl is supposed to be 1st or second? and i dont see much good players in horizon so :/

  8. the worst list ive ever seen zynix is terrible and filled with randoms same with 7acer and vain , horizon has maybe 5 active members and is dead asf and wins no events , killz is also filled with randoms and doesnt win any events , where is heart and v1

  9. Idk what happened here but where vg its supposed to be third to first

  10. ahem, where my clan SN at bruh, and bruh, zynix is not even close to top 10, the top 3 should be SN, GOLD, 7SEAS

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