Top 10 Clips of December! | -

Top 10 Clips of December! |

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Thanks for watching! These are the top 10 best clips of December submitted to me in my discord server (link below). Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!
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Thumbnail by Bera
| Song |
Phantom Sage – Crystal Clouds:
Defqwop – Awakening:
KIRA – New World:
| My Info |
Contact Me on Discord: Durant35#8356
Email Me: Just dm me don’t email
Thumbnail Maker: Bera
Mouse: PICTEK T7
Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 300
Keyboard: Redragon RGB K509
Editor: iMovie/Davinci Resolve
Screen Recorder: Xbox Game Bar (built in on Windows only)
I am Durant35 and I upload the best content I can as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my vids!


  1. please come back and host just one more top 10, i miss this game

  2. these are all trickshots..what about event clutches?

  3. this video is so satisfying
    pog all those insane clips and ur vids

  4. Anyone have the server limk where i can submit for January

  5. 4:10, guys thats me im famous :O, and than there are 3 more clips, imm acctually famous

  6. wsp durant, do u still play zr? nice vid btw

  7. Bruh you didn’t add the clip when I did 3 trickshots in a row

  8. All five in honorable mentions, I’ll take it.

  9. every clip is basically from one of 4 people :/

  10. Wish this game gets active again this game is my childhood

  11. How did u get successful on YouTube? I am trying to grow my channel

  12. Why i never apear even in the Honorable Mentions holy sheesh

  13. when you get like 7 clips in but no top ten
    me: oh yeah ive been there

  14. clips of december>clips of november in my opinion

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