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Top 10 Clips of November! |

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Thanks for watching! These are the top 10 best clips of November submitted to me in my discord server (link below). Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!
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Thumbnail by Bera
| Song |
Jim Yosef & Alex Skrindo – Ruby:
Julius Dreisig & Zeus x Crona – Invisible:
Ikson – Last Summer:
| My Info |
Contact Me on Discord: Durant35#8356
Email Me: Just dm me don’t email
Thumbnail Maker: Bera
Mouse: PICTEK T7
Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 300
Keyboard: Redragon RGB K509
Editor: iMovie/Davinci Resolve
Screen Recorder: Xbox Game Bar (built in on Windows only)
I am Durant35 and I upload the best content I can as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my vids!


  1. Man I still miss the old season just something off about this in I need ur discord 💨

  2. To be honest I wasn't sure at all about the rankings, so I'm sorry if you don't agree with the ordering of the top 10 or even which clips made the top 10 in general, and I considered not even ranking them. When I first started this series, my idea was basically just to make a community montage in the form of a consistent series that would give me a free video every month. But I realized that you guys liked it more when I ranked them and it got more views, and now this series and my rankings has become a trademark. Anyways, thank you guys for all of your support with this series!

  3. Super Idol的笑容 都没你的甜 八

  4. gg’s honorable mention. Not a very flashy player haha

  5. ty for putting my clip in top 10 durant 🙂 (btw you did typo is 9 not 10)

  6. are all of these people you in different clans

  7. F i didnt aooear im sad cuz thats my best clip i done recording

  8. Not to hate comment but that was the worst one ever lol. on the 3rd best the 2nd nade didnt even hit, and fires won 4 times ina row wtf. his clip was not #1 worthy. but good vid

  9. @ Durant 35 please can you maybe edit me a montage for 63 subs and make a highlights video I will pay something please Durant I am subed on my Moms yt my Dads yt my yt and My sisters so please.

  10. Bro when water be hitting these clips does he just think in his head:

    “Oh yeah, that’s def going on top 10 November” 😂😂😂😂

  11. my clip was better than all these mobile ones and still didnt get in tf

  12. I keep forgetting to submit and tell myself I will next month 😂

  13. the fact that most of the song was on beat with the kill

  14. Your Awesome You inspired my channel and it is trying to get subs and grow like yours!

  15. top 10 as a mobile player I'm proud also congrats on 6k subs

  16. You commented on ZR Jokz video!!! Cool and also can you comment on 1 of my videos

  17. Can i send clip before new year? Also great contect

  18. how do you submit videos to you??? by the way, i subbed and ur my fav channel.

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