Top 10 Clips of October | -

Top 10 Clips of October |

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Thanks for watching! These are the top 10 best clips of September submitted to me in my discord server (link below). Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!
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Thumbnail by Bera
| Song |
Itro – Panda:
RetroVision – Puzzle:
Ikson – Last Summer:
| My Info |
Contact Me on Discord: Durant35#8356
Email Me: Just dm me don’t email
Thumbnail Maker: Bera
Mouse: PICTEK T7
Headset: Turtle Beach Stealth 300
Keyboard: Redragon RGB K509
Editor: iMovie/Davinci Resolve
Screen Recorder: Xbox Game Bar (built in on Windows only)
I am Durant35 and I upload the best content I can as often as I can. I hope you enjoy my vids!


  1. #4 is Coweirdo not Parallax I’m really sorry abt that

  2. Wtf u didnt put mu suicidal rev imp nade ur not an epci zmober

  3. All the Time i work for my clips Never being in… a vid…

  4. durant its me definite killer
    love this video btw

  5. Some of these clips im like :
    Are these even possible lol

  6. Shheeesh nice vid👍🏼 I’m Airhawk do you remember me?

  7. will you give my channel a shout out pls

  8. I want the access link to your Descord server. 🙂💙 'please' 🙃

  9. GG for your new video. Do u remember me ? And do u have discord ?

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