Top 10 Rarest/OG skins In Zombs Royale -

Top 10 Rarest/OG skins In Zombs Royale

Its 3kaJ
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Do you have any of these skins


  1. Wut if i told u guys I have the lifeguard and the noobhammer

  2. The life guard I saw he killed me it's rare tho bc that's my fisrt time seeing that skin

  3. 2/10 – Lifeguard and Octopus. Thanks for making this vid.

  4. I have lifeguard, heliglider, Noobhammer, gloves and a bunch of Og emotes

  5. I have octopus and lifeguard rarest skins let’s go

  6. I played in season 1 and have the roach skin

  7. Once when I was playing zombs I saw a guy with octopus and I was like ok now
    Man we made a such great team I still remember
    That was 2 yrs ago I suppose

  8. In my opinion almost every skin isn’t that rare. A few hundred to a few thousand maybe have the lifeguard and the o to skins. A lot of people have the Xeno and Spooky Skull outfit as well.

  9. Bro i also have the live guard D:
    How Many people have It?

  10. Hey I have the life guard,noob hammer,and the helicopter

  11. I have life, noob, pool noodle, glowy nose

  12. All I have is life guard skin other skins are from like season 2-20 or somethinf

  13. I have life guard, and i was so close to getting octopus, but i got to tier 25 sadly, still $300 is insane!

  14. I wanted to see how rare the octopus skin was because me and my brother have it. He also has the ballon glider, I don’t have that one. I’m actually really bad at the game I stoped at season 8 or something then I played again in season 20. It’s so different, Zombies Royale is my favorite game ever.

  15. Have both life guard and octopus. True OG! Wish I could go back to the beta days….

  16. does anyone else remember the pool noodles and the noobhammer lol?

  17. anyone else got the lifeguard? I was like 2 tiers off of octupus…. sad I didnt get it even though I dont really play zombs anymore

  18. I remember when ammo boxes were invincible to shoot

  19. If anyone want an octopus account I have it

  20. I remember at og space base when there was a specific chest that always guaranteed a crossbow

  21. All of these except the scientist aren’t even close to being as rare as others I’ve seen every skin in this list. But good video:)

  22. I remember playing in sesson 3 and buying the battle pass but I didnt even get to tier 80 … thats sad bc I couldve had so many rare skins

  23. if we are talking about accounts per skin, life guard isnt very rare…

  24. i have the old octo skin what is worth 400 dollars if anyone wants to buy it i sell it for 250 dollars, comment on my reaction.

  25. Guys i have the octo skin the lifeguard and the noob hammer someone buy my acc

  26. im kinda og i played at season 2! but then i also saw beta zr aswell but i wasnt bothered to play it

  27. i never knew the lifguard was that much
    i had it for a bit

  28. Life guard is not Even Now in the Game.I think this skin get deleted

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