Top 10 Sweatiest Skin Combos in Zombs Royale -

Top 10 Sweatiest Skin Combos in Zombs Royale

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  1. Times he said Running: 💯
    Also how many sweats did you see use these combos cause I have never saw anyone use these.
    Are you just making these combos on the spot???

  2. You have insane skins I need gems

  3. the first combo is trash nobody wheres that never mind sweats

  4. yo these are all free and bad no wonder u get no subs ur capping like crazy

  5. super lucky to have the school bag i know im spamming but like this guy

  6. your only doing skins you have that look ugly and are free no wing packs gloves or og skins

  7. yo and what is that thumbnail its clickbait

  8. nobody wear these speaking facts why did u put the thumbnail as a wing pack with gloves if it is just crappy cheap melees and skins


  10. lol i was so confused why you weren't using the good skins in your cosmetics LOL

  11. u should make a vid doin real sweaty skins not those. they had bad spin to lol.

  12. How many ppl does it take to figure out it’s a joke lmao

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