Top 5 Mobile Players In -

Top 5 Mobile Players In

Rampz ZR
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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed my litle list of the best mobile players in the Zombsroyale community.

Kalide & Peter Keiman- Forever
Out Of Time (feat. Eric lumiere)

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CM| Competitive Mobile The biggest Mobile coming in zombs roayle make sure to join right now.What ate you waiting for?

Make sure to chek out the players/servers in this video down below!





see yal later suwooo


  1. Even though I am the PC Falcon, the mobile falcon should have been placed a bit higher on the list

  2. Approved. BEST MOBILE PLAYERS OF TODAY. gggggggs

  3. This is the worse I’ve ever seen only players I agree to being there is snake 1t and assault

  4. That's bs and cap falcon is better than all these kids and Taz is number 1 syntax should be on that list and investiga should most definitely be on

  5. 😔if only i could record myself play zr on mobile.

  6. Where's unlegendarynoob he should atheist be in honorable mentions lmfao

  7. I used to be good back then, i remember falcon used to be so bad lol but now he’s gotten so much better it’s crazy lol. I’m bad now cuz I quit and I don’t play

  8. tasmxnian… darkfriend… they should be 1 and 2 ngl

  9. I’m the best Eu mobile player vid on me when?? <3

  10. I am probably in the top 50 best mobile players

  11. if you’re talking best mobiles of all time then the list is very inaccurate, if you’re talking about best mobile players to date then fairly accurate.

  12. im eu mobile, some ppl say im best eu mble

  13. how tf do they flick like pc players on mobile 😿

  14. I'm better then asault I 1v1 him and I'm mobile so…..

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