Toxic Weapons Only Challenge | Zombs -

Toxic Weapons Only Challenge | Zombs

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Because this season is toxic season i will use only toxic weapons such as goo gun and gassy grenade
thx to NoobiePro ZR for idea
enjoy 🙂


  1. Reply to this with vid ideas(make sure i havent done em alrdy)

  2. Hi bro mee to recording zombs royale io do you wanna play duos?

  3. the first music kinda goes well with your spinning 😁

  4. can we have some f's in chat for me not being able to pick up the dragonov 🙁

  5. Why you should sub to ZonLinx
    1. He is a good player
    2.he is nice
    3.he has good vid ideas
    So pls join ZonLinx army today

    Jesus I’m advertising his channel XD good vid man 👍

  6. i rlly find your vids very enjoyable dont stop making vids chase your dreams

  7. you have suckh a good content i thought you had 210 k subs lmao

  8. wtf why u get so many views???
    not fair, :(((((((((

  9. This is a good challenge I too tried and I got no toxic gun, my bad so I dead, I was at second place

  10. I think the flamethrower is the definition of toxic why didn't he pick it up? Also I wouldn't call the tac toxic but it is hella annoying and I think you should be allowed to pick up hella annoying guns like those too.

  11. Notice at 3:36 BoyInShadows says hi, and then 5 seconds after that the song says “hi”

  12. U swear toxic weapons also include

    Grenade launcher

  13. Hey can I use this ideo for a video?
    I will give credit to you

  14. Pretty sure u used ur melee not a poison melee

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