Troopie v. 4tapps! | Washed Battles #1 ~ ZombsRoyale -

Troopie v. 4tapps! | Washed Battles #1 ~ ZombsRoyale

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The most anticipated washed battle ever… just kidding.

Music by Joakim Karud
Thanks to a top 60 Clash Royale player in Canada for doing this with me.


  1. Hey Dragon ZR! Your such a good youtuber and i love your videos anyways I was wondering if you could shout me out in your next video i need subscibers!!! rember my channel name is Shrek city Thanks!

  2. lmfaooo bor u both are so washed and funny u have to do part 2 of this

  3. You can’t be washed if you were never good 😁😁

  4. i didnt know zr yt's was a thing untill today :000000

  5. This is the battle we’ve all been waiting for!!

  6. Omg finally u are active I vids now nice to see u back qgain

  7. this is so fire troopie coming back omgomg

  8. I’m so good I guessed the title before u posted 😎

  9. Less gooo btw can you do some events wins in asia

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