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Types of Zombs Royale Players

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Which type of Zombs Royale player are you? Leave it in the comments down below.
1. Kevin MacLeod ~ Fluffing a Duck

2. Unknown Brain – MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine) [NCS Release]

3. Kevin MacLeod ~ Scheming Weasel (faster version)

4. Kevin MacLeod ~ Prelude and Action

5. Kevin MacLeod ~ Amazing Plan

6. Kevin MacLeod ~ Sneaky Snitch

7. Kevin MacLeod ~ The Builder

8. Kevin MacLeod ~ Carefree

9. Kevin MacLeod ~ Volatile Reaction

10. Kevin MacLeod ~ Hyperfun

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  1. Im the sweat but im new a mobile player lmao so hard to switch weapons amd to do trickshots lmao

  2. I'm the sweat and spinning machine and trick shoter and rusher

  3. Fun fact: Noobs act more mature then a trash talker

  4. am none of that am the lagy guy so its not there

  5. i am spining machine the camp sometimes and the trickshoter

  6. I’m mr pro anyways can u 1v1 me for a vid in can I test for Juice clan?

  7. im the spinner guy i spin so much in my games it actually helps in flex

  8. La skin del pro me la encontré en una partida

  9. ꧁༺☬๖ۣۜṨtͥevͣeͫภ☬༻꧂ says:

    am the sweat and the spinner

  10. I am kinda like a sweat I also spin and kinda team a little bit in solo

  11. im a swety boy !!!!!!!!

  12. I'm a bit of trickshot, a bit of pro, and sometimes a bit of noob with a bit of troll. Yep, I know…

  13. LOL IM THE TRICHOTER GOD thats what my friends call me

  14. im the trick shooter i did impulse grenade and pushed the player into my sniper shot it was epik

  15. im sweet becaue i have heal i just want to fight and im all so tiricksoter

  16. I'm that guy who has a rev impulse but learns his lesson when he does a rev impulse with a rocket grenade, and quickly knocks himself down whilst his teammates are far away gfhsd;fohgkldfhgkdjlhgklsdfhgkldjsfhger

  17. I am the sweat, spining machinę and some trickshooter

  18. I think i can be a mix of the troller, the sweat and kind of a troll teamer

  19. @gem-qy6xy why do you think he is called Legendary Jun?

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