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Types of Zombs Royale Players Part.2

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  1. Challenge idea only use guns that uas their name start with a

  2. I remember seeing someone in game called Toxic a day or a few days ago. I guess that was you.

  3. hi aony why is imr not active in events more 😂

  4. New subscriber from cooly's video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1 slot only meaning only 1 weapon or heal at a time

  6. LOL THE CRACKED MOMENT IS SOOO FUNNY (nice idea to put it in the vid)

  7. u got me laughing when u called the bot "bad" 😂😂 nice vid tho

  8. lol i was the guy at the start who thought that he was unlegendary noob 😂😂😂

  9. AoNy ZR you can do part 3 or Legendary with Epic challenge

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